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 -Autonomous boat joint teams with TUM @ Fraunhofer 

In 2021, Tel Aviv University (TAU) formed a dedicated team of mechanical and electrical engineering students to represent Israel in the prestigious international RoboBoat competition held in Sarasota, USA. The RoboBoat competition challenges teams to design, build, and deploy a fully Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) that navigates a rigorous obstacle course. The team developed an ASV equipped with LIDAR, Computer Vision, and a sensor array to precisely map its surroundings.

During the 2023 competition, the ASV faced significant challenges due to high winds and sharp turns, causing it to capsize. Despite the setback, the team demonstrated resilience by retrieving and repairing the boat. Our current objective is to enhance the ASV’s stability to prevent similar issues in future competitions.

In 2024 we formed joint teams with Fraunhofer institute in Germany and TUM (Technical university of Munich

The teams will be composed from Israeli and German students 

in order to resolve stabilization issues we encountered last year with the boat.

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